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When it comes to advertising your business, have to focus on your local needs, attracting new clientele and remembering actual clients that you are still there creating a loyalty relation business – customer. We can help you to make the most with your budget to maximize the image of your brand.

AJ Creative Studios born from the entrepreneur project of Discovering New York City, a website for “those looking to take advantage of their visit to the Big Apple; or locals who want to explore the city. We have understood through our experience how it is to be on the other side of the table, and what customers are really looking for when they want to promote their business, (fair, emotions, feelings, questions etc).

After working on these projects for some years we can tell how users are looking for simple and well designed websites that really attracts their attention taking them to consume the product or service, websites nowadays have to be responsive, mobile friendly adaptable to any device such as: I paid, smartphone, computer; etc.

At the same time we can create a marketing partnership to get to more potential customers throughout the Internet, nowadays most people use the Internet to find daily needs or wishes.

We have developed a relationship with small businesses, helping them on creative and results-driven solutions with Online Marketing as (Social Media, Video, E-mail - marketing strategies & Implement Content Marketing – engaging audience – blogging (WordPress) understanding metrics and taking action.

In 2015 we created aggressive campaigns on Facebook for Descubriendo New York, efforts that have translated into an engage the community of 63k followers in the Spanish Community and 48k followers for the Portuguese, You Tube we have reached 98K views of the same company.

In the last two years we have brought over 50 business online helping them to build an online presence and increase revenues, Technology has changed the way businesses promote products and services. Internet marketing, when used as part of a comprehensive marketing plan, can build sales and target a large customer base inexpensively.

AJ Creative has the capability to offer and comprises amazing creative talent that’s been working together for years, developing ideas to help your exposure your business. We are a unique group of designers, writers, engineers, marketers, artist. working together to reach your marketing goals.

Our Mission
We Develop relationship with small business helping them on creative and results-driven solutions, website design, Online Marketing, video production, social media, corporate identity, branding, among others. We become your digital marketing department; so you can focus on growing your business.
Our Vision
Our vision is to have a network with small businesses, letting them have a establish digital marketing department with AJ Studios, and be witnesses of their grow in their markets.
Our Philosophy
Creating trust and lasted relationship with our customers, working on their needs and help them build their branding to be recognized as leaders in their markets, deliver on time, with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

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Andrea Jimenez

Having majored in International Marketing, minored in Mass Communication, and being an entrepreneur for more than eight years; Andrea has broadened her knowledge and understanding of the multi-faceted nature of the Digital Marketing.

Dynamic, results-focused and organized team leader with the vision to spot market opportunities, satisfy unmet needs, and tackle challenges head on in domestic and international markets.


Armando worked with Colombia Postal Office for 25 years, more than 10 years of experience in marketing in the hotel & tourism industry, and 4 years as a community manager with AJ Creative, he brings all his knowledge to develop, interact, and respond to the communities from our network.

His strong communications skills, good judgment, empathy, dedication and ability to enable communities, he is a key for our social media strategies.


Cony is a Graphic Designer, 3D Designer, Video Editor, and Web Developer, She has worked with AJ Studios for 4 years, bringing a great combination offering the best web structure fitting our customers' needs.

Her passion for Graphic Design and the ability to think outside the box, help her to come out with astonish designs.

Julianna Jaffe
Official Voice

Julianna, is an actor and educator in the New York area. She has also been the voice of various audio books online. A native of Las Vegas, she is a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and holds a BFA from Ithaca College. She is a founder of a Portland, Oregon-based theatre company where she developed an educational division, Sight Educational Theatre, which tours Oregon and Washington States.

Roche Taken

Roche started as photographer as a hobby, working with Discovering New York City, bringing to life most attractions and events happening in New York, he felt in love with the media, and its also part of the team as filmmaker.

Analyst and software developer

Mike is an analyst and software developer who carries out the development of projects in different language programming, each of them, under the standards of analysis and programming for good implementation in the software industry. The projects I have done, have been with different technologies and languages like: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, PHP, JAVA, JSON, MySql, Postgress, HTML, CSS, Materialize, JQuery.

Student of System Engineer

Yasmin is able to analyze and model organizational processes, information and develop computational solutions from a systemic view based on the scientific and technological knowledge of the discipline.

With a very important investigative and self-learning attitude to appropriate and perform with high technologies that is necessary because the mobility and the increasing technological change.


Julián is a System Engineer Professional, full stack developer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with experience building websites with the different platforms as ruby on rails, Wordpress, Html, Joomla, e-commerce; desktop and mobile applications using Wordpress, Laravel and iOS.

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