About Us

Daily Soup

  • Monday

    Vegetables soup w/Meat $5.95

  • Tuesday

    Chicken Soup $5.95

  • Wednesday

    Sancocho de punta $5.95

  • Thursday

    Chicken & Meat Soup $5.95

  • Friday

    Hen Soup $8.75

  • Saturday

    Rib Soup $6.45

  • Sunday

    Tripe Soup $5.95

Cositas Ricas is the perfect place to find the best Colombian food away from your land; to start the day, we offer breakfasts such as refried beans with scrambled eggs, sausage or morcilla, what about eggs with spicy sauce, rice, beans corn and tomato.

For lunch we have an array of appetizers such as a delicious soup consome de Menudencias ,and for a delicious entrée, try our sirloin steak, cut of meat or grilled skirt steak with salad rice and fried cassava. if you prefer white meat we also offer a chicken fillet with a delicious mushroom cream.

For sea food lovers we have parihuela with coconut rice. Cositas Ricas also provides a children's menu with chicken fingers or chicken bombones served with French fries. visit us at 79 19 Roosevelt Avenue, let us offer you our best service. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.